Portrait of Nothing feat. Otis Jr.

from by Touch A.C.



featuring Otis Jr.


"i take my time and i won't look back."

i'm not about this cold superiority.
more absorbin' the core of the authority.
shout to the Lord and the house He housed me in.
thanks for the body, soul still Faustian.
do he ever leave the crib? let the doubt begin.
it is what it fuckin is, i'll (Owl) admit.
the funny thing is, in the Taoist sense,
it is what it isn't.
how 'bout revenge?
i guess it's really just about the filaments that fill us in and out.
it's bigger than your sentimental vow or "Be Here Now."
it's over 'fore ya know it; hope ya flipped a good amount!
it gets harder as your oughtta know by now to move a mountain.
Moses on a mission.
transformin' "bored" through a morbid disposition.
took a knee in the clouds.
beard facin' South.
Lady Luck with my dick in her mouth.

call me crazy but who -aint- not shit?
mother fuckers must really think its all good.
absorbed by Death like sugar into coffee
dissolvin' at a pace at which a grown man should.
eye for an i, that's e-y-e for an I,
yes, that's capitalized.
lest dismantle the lies, i handle my pride and
keep a lazy eye lookin' into the Son's iris.
man, told 'em i wasn't tryin'.
Joseph and the many colored meat suit, spyin.
skin is like a cheap suit, still the asylum.
oh, my Lord i'm what Genus is to Phylum!
bring me all your geniuses and i will Psylocib'em.
here i go again i'm on some line em up and light em.
Ibrahim plot with Lot but then forgot him -
drinkin' in Anatta,
bottle bottom.

you could say i've been losin' my religion.
you could say that i've been losin' my self.
but who's to say whats in the music that is hidden
in the moment when the seasons lose their meaning and their health?
how do i even meet myself?
only time will tell.
what the fuck is time?
let me get to Hell and i'll tell you quite well:
the illusion of a permanence intrudin' on your movement's a disservice in itself.
man, listen.
i used to live to fuck bitches.
i used to see who's who and who's missin'.
i used to need new views and new writtens.
now i see the dude who was me is you sittin'
across the room lookin' like
individuality's a crux - don't trust it.
when it's time to do a self-portrait i'm busted.
a portrait of nothing.


from Live from Anatta, released February 24, 2017
Lyrics by Touch A.C.
Produced by Dr. Dundiff
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Frames Danco @ Framehouse
Louisville, KY

Thank you Otis Jr. for featuring on this track!



all rights reserved


Touch A.C. Louisville, Kentucky

Woke up in escape pod. Unsure of year. Must rap.

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