Live from Anatta

by Touch A.C.

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released February 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Touch A.C. Louisville, Kentucky

Woke up in escape pod. Unsure of year. Must rap.

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Track Name: Portrait of Nothing feat. Otis Jr.
"i take my time and i won't look back."

i'm not about this cold superiority.
more absorbin' the core of the authority.
shout to the Lord and the house He housed me in.
thanks for the body, soul still Faustian.
do he ever leave the crib? let the doubt begin.
it is what it fuckin is, i'll (Owl) admit.
the funny thing is, in the Taoist sense,
it is what it isn't.
how 'bout revenge?
i guess it's really just about the filaments that fill us in and out.
it's bigger than your sentimental vow or "Be Here Now."
it's over 'fore ya know it; hope ya flipped a good amount!
it gets harder as your oughtta know by now to move a mountain.
Moses on a mission.
transformin' "bored" through a morbid disposition.
took a knee in the clouds.
beard facin' South.
Lady Luck with my dick in her mouth.

call me crazy but who -aint- not shit?
mother fuckers must really think its all good.
absorbed by Death like sugar into coffee
dissolvin' at a pace at which a grown man should.
eye for an i, that's e-y-e for an I,
yes, that's capitalized.
lest dismantle the lies, i handle my pride and
keep a lazy eye lookin' into the Son's iris.
man, told 'em i wasn't tryin'.
Joseph and the many colored meat suit, spyin.
skin is like a cheap suit, still the asylum.
oh, my Lord i'm what Genus is to Phylum!
bring me all your geniuses and i will Psylocib'em.
here i go again i'm on some line em up and light em.
Ibrahim plot with Lot but then forgot him -
drinkin' in Anatta,
bottle bottom.

you could say i've been losin' my religion.
you could say that i've been losin' my self.
but who's to say whats in the music that is hidden
in the moment when the seasons lose their meaning and their health?
how do i even meet myself?
only time will tell.
what the fuck is time?
let me get to Hell and i'll tell you quite well:
the illusion of a permanence intrudin' on your movement's a disservice in itself.
man, listen.
i used to live to fuck bitches.
i used to see who's who and who's missin'.
i used to need new views and new writtens.
now i see the dude who was me is you sittin'
across the room lookin' like
individuality's a crux - don't trust it.
when it's time to do a self-portrait i'm busted.
a portrait of nothing.
Track Name: Get Some Shut I
day one, philosophical zombie.
i saw a sign depicting Christ as Harambe.
and the Constitution used for origami.
how they turned a demagogue into a god is beyond me.
man i don't fuckin' know what the day is.
i just view it from the sewer goin' apeshit.
so much Buddha i can taste it.
i ain't talkin' bout Siddartha i'm talkin' gettin' faded.
even i must attest that i sometimes stray
but it's like the advice Dan tossed my way:
"treat the hoes like queens and the queens like hoes"
because when you learn you ain't your body, you can not lie low.
i spy through the Violet Lens
a trajectory from which i cannot make amends.
hive-mind hidin' most finite trends
is why sidelines in the limelight's my shit.

Doc told me i could use some some rest
but we work too hard to leave a night unblessed.
i told him you could use a blink yourself
but when you living in Anatta i guess you -aintcha- self, huh?
Frames told me i could use some some rest.
but we work too hard to leave a night unblessed.
i told him you could use a blink yourself
but when you living in Anatta i guess you -aintcha- self, huh?

i'm sittin' out. lookin' weird but pensive.
rebel against your circuitry and face detention blocks.
hoppin' over.
the moment sober felt like the moment wasted
couldn't go slower.
prolly wouldn't now, even if i could.
Nacirema told me, "don't go easy on 'em, should
you decide to do it that way then don't do it at all."
so i'm steady writin' poems while the sky still falls.
i'm the opposite of Christmas
conscious but obnoxious with the sick shit;
mad scientist plus meniscus.
fuck around and piss me off,
i'll have your bitch lickin' my balls with the tip of her proboscis.
defender of the faith of the faithless.
if there is no self then this wasteland's basic.
we could all use a mirror nearer placement,
i just wonder if i'd have the guts to face it.

amidst this consciousness restriction,
i wish this:
if i end up godless, give me thick skin.
next thing you know,
they're gonna take 'em away.
Track Name: NPC
"i could never take what was a gift in the first place."

i can't tell the Sun from the streetlight
so the sunshine's gotta be discreet, right?
these cats see life incomplete light and be like
"in a Cold Vein i'm bringing heat to the surface."
the Mark of the Beast meet the Beast of Burden;
the feast post sermon: the frequent occurrence.
i'm just prayin', tryna illuminate.
focus is the focus.
toke and just ruminate.
no sir.
in the belly of the beast tryna make an ulcer.
in a sense only smellin' Hennessy and sulfur.
on a highway to Hades, baby
Elohim-in-space-level cold shoulder.
carried on the Clarion
whippin' the Merkavah (one plus a carry on)
"please sir, carry on."
whether in stage lights or lightning,
"hidden in plain sight" you'll find me.

i re-live the past so much it's like i wasn't there.
a spectator takin' the stairs.
raised not to take words for granted.
shout out Steve Smith, Lee, Jason, Grayson, Wes, and Grant.
it's funny how we find mentors when we gotta have em.
the numbers make sense, now who's got the sense to add em?
that Eve/Adam status got me feelin' sorta swervy.
i think it's why i stay up late and still get up early.
only time my prayin' means a thing.
Senorita's sleepin' well so my money's stayin' clean

sycophants always with the sick offense
always lean to the thrasonical, kinda cool distance.
i'm a Smoke Shop sitter; sorta comical.
between the stars and the silos, i live to chronicle.
i heard a situation can't be made permanent
but crazier shit's formed like earth out the firmament.
they say they heard me but i know they ain't heard the shit.
it's certified Pentecostal-church-Sunday-service lit.
everybody's got a motive. why lie?
nature's gettin' itemized, you gonna turn a blind eye?
Track Name: Non-Self Diagnose
"and i wish i was self-aware enough to self diagnose.
no space. no shelf. no home."

i turn a queen to a ho like public park chess set.
benefit Set blessed friend don't stress that
warlock loose in the streets.
they ask me, "why you don't battle no more?"
i'm independent more when i'm showin' my teeth.
the viciousessessest.
the Christian fixture fist.
mister fix ya bitch,
then flip her fiscal.
it's always head-shots when she grip the pistol.
you call her baby girl i call her dame with the frame and the skills.
if you wanna know pain note the way that you feel when you payin' her bills,
she makin' my meals.
plus, her brain so cold gimme chills.
para-doom-dise! and i gotta room for two!
something kinda nice with a hellside view
im out by 5, no 7, no 5 (true)
ill be god damned, i guess my life's like a haiku.

she called around 9 "do ya mind if i slide through?"
on the contrary, baby girl, you on my mind too!
hope you catch the vibe like the vibe that i do -
after all we're alive...need i remind you?

back to the part where i said i hate Nietzsche.
said i'm not a Nihilist; this girl ain't believe me.
how you get a glimpse? i feel no one has truly seen me.
i'm just tryna get you in the sheets followed up with TV.
flower shop wizard find me in the back room
contemplating getting Goat of Mendes for a tattoo.
ain't her last dude, ain't gonna be her last dude,
but you know how more than a friend can help distract you.
space is lookin' dope but it's so last minute.
copped my old homie's rap album - no raps in it.
i could sew that sentence with a bitter sorta thread
as if Judges 13 had been written red.
there is no permanence, it's all in my head
a comma in a paragraph, a mantra unsaid.
she said, "you think too much touch, come back to bed."
like i said, i lack a self so i go where i'm lead. yup.
Track Name: Khloros
"who's to say?
or slay?
or kill?
and who's to say?
what we throw away when time stands still?"

sometimes shit got me feelin' upside down.
gotta ease my mind, take a drive on my side of town.
it's not about "fuck life", it's just a drive around.
tell the chorus in the sky, "it's time to pipe down."
i remember thinking it was all nostalgia
and payin' dues meant prayin' too.
now i'll just settle for a subsidized plan and an arrow.
shot it through the air already, straight and narrow.
it's never been me to adhere to the fences
we put around our minds in the name of defense;
and it's never been my nature to deny what my senses
indicate safe when his vein became a trench.
i wonder how many of my friends i gotta bury
before i get a grip on this world beyond barely.
- cliffhang -
- finger slippin' -
- sunset -
my dead friend's mom wept.
god bless! we all miss him.

most times it was pretty basic livin'.
matchin' to the hum of the under-story hidden.
tryin' to get in where some words in red get him.
see a thing or two before the body's bed ridden.
slow motion, it seems, or the potions and dreams that mollify
turn up beached, bloated, and nullified.
i saw something in the scowl he lost...
...i never guessed it was albatross.
(...god damn...)
it's been a little bit since i thought about the notion
of an expiration date upon of a force of pure motion.
beholdin' an corrosion of a whole consciousness
because the thing i call my conscience still kicked in?!
these days, nothin' simple. they can have it.
i'm the paint --the pallet
the nail -- the mallet.
a masochist that wanted couldn't have it.
creature of habit
what the fuck you think was gonna happen?

i don't believe that.
Track Name: Mirrors
and i said i would never make it back with a smile on my face
if i never make it out in the first place.
took the money and the mask to the fountain.
laughed at the gods.
pissed. in. the. fountain.
separatin' from the serpent - hold me down!
you don't tell my boss and we can prolly share the cloud.
btw i talk to myself when i can't control my thoughts
because it helps me stay focused if i hear it said out loud.

harder than the thoughts of a titan via satellite.
caught up in the ladder of the lateral and outta line!
how in the bowels the beast can you howl with the freaks and the leeches
that sleep in between the sheets at night?!?!?!
the pendulum is leanin' right!
backlash comin' from the left like you're readin' right.
ask rappers if they ever mastered seein' light
in the form of the spear/thorn in the side!!!


if ya never paid attention to the subtle things around ya
absorbin' attachment like a sponge of nostalgia.
calculatin' marionette master wound up
pullin' on the present moment just to shut our mouths up?!


grain of salt but mountain movin aint an easy task.
gimme strength. gimme peace. gimme breathin free at last.
gimme sleep. gimme gimme seats so i can see the seasons pass.
gimme keys to the thing that brings relief for the gash of time
when it's lined up.
single file. what shine!
i could just pile up.
drink vial. wasn't mine!
never mind this.
never minus.
always plus.
always us.
fuck what them other people tell ya!
how can the very storm itself be the shelter?
how can i say it more plainly?!
we the illest mother fuckers.
time's my chariot, rappers fly delta.
sorry brother, i guess i never felt ya.
you talkin' like you off the hookshot like Zelda.
but i'm an old man, son, so i gotta tell ya:
my niece looks harder in her backpack, Elsa.


in a wasteland lotta snake oil gettin' sold.
i'm just here to make it known we reap what we sow.
too many of my folks are deceased and i know
to detach the word heat brings relief to the snow

i've seen a leaf transformed to a prayer request
seen a priest get hooked on meth.
disbelief in a jewel gone theft.
we never even held it.
for what it's worth, i believe that i still felt it.
just another piece of the ore more smelted.
a note camouflaged until the snow melted
i wonder if i ever got what everyone elses'
interpretation of a what a sea swellin'
it ain't bout trust.
it ain't bout lust.
it ain't bout us.
or who ain't bout us.
i could kill for the moment!
the totem i held, still real. still holdin'.
when a need gives birth you can see who's worth.
sitckin' around to please or assert
who could easily serve?
matter fact, i eclipse the commotion.
the son who's holdin' the Moon.


--==!!!!!!!!!!!!HARE KRISHNA!!!!!!!!!!!!==--


This is never let it settle. always ripple, just because.
This is forward through miasma when they ask ya what it was.
This is Smoke Shop, Framehouse, Dundiff, touch.
This is Live from Anatta, do the math, get fucked.