Page of Cups EP

by Touch AC & Dr. Dundiff

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"After each making noise separately in their home city of Louisville, KY, emcee Touch Armor Class and producer Dr. Dundiff have finally teamed up - and turned to the esoteric for inspiration - for their new release, "Page of Cups."

The EP is a journey through the imaginative that draws upon themes and meanings from the card then applies them to situations relevant to the struggle of any individual seeking to understand what it means to discover his or her purpose and, more importantly, identity. Nostalgia, idealism, heartbreak, sarcasm, and ultimately forgiveness are prevalent concepts that shine through in this recording.

Beats that tread the line between banger and canticle. Lyrical delivery that's part poetry, confession, and battle cry. The result is seven songs that reflect the honest analysis of two artists each coming to terms with individual growth and the conditions of the world."

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released May 15, 2015

All lyrics written by Touch Armor Class except "Golden" co-written by Kogan Dumb.

Produced, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Dr. Dundiff at Harvard House Studios; Louisville, KY.

This album is dedicated to Lords Wendell and Rupert , Steve Smith (RIP) -- and also to anyone who has ever known the need for forgiveness, redemption, and resolution without which it is impossible to progress.

Let the past be the past be the past.



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Touch A.C. Louisville, Kentucky

Woke up in escape pod. Unsure of year. Must rap.

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Track Name: Sweaters
Never seen a cloudy day I couldn't handle.
Knock on wood.
Break-neck speed sandals.
Now they got me all fucked up!
Lookin' like the mouths of the multitudes finally shut up.
All dressed up, got nowhere to go.
Date with dumb Destiny, dumb it down for show.
Make a case apeshit.
Next to the bass hits.
Watch them guardian Angels shapeshift!
Start to finish, my business is deliverin'.
Diminish penicillin I'm in it with similar laments.
I pen penance fillin' up the filaments,
Amiss menace, sippin' blood of the innocent.
All Mice and Men can build strongholds (true!)
but them unseen enemies don't move like me and you.
It's easy baby boo, we let it do what it do.
Track Name: This Life Ali
"And it goes but it goes so slow in This Life Ali (I lead). I let the past be the past be the past."

I blinked in spittin' teeth out! The seventh son of Set lovin' life between the freak outs. Rhymes and beats? How blessed could I be now! Shadowfax freakin' the Mark of the Beast, BLAOW! Melloy gravity, concrete. Mother Earth zygote, xenophobe, zombie. That's what dwelling in the past'll get ya - off balance with the frequency of silent Scripture. We let them trees blow! Psilocybin and a C-Note. See no need for the demagogues and the cogs need grease, yo. Jeez, though, can a mother fucker get some peace, ho? Dedicated to the plebs that have given up! Me and Dundiff never NOT gave a fuck! Matter fact, we laugh at the concept. Show me, what's the past to the conquest? Blow me.

Everything that shines ain't precious, baby. There's more than remorse in my briefcase lately. I'm the type advice seem contrived so sometimes these devices can seem out of line, but hey I see a new day coming. That's a sure fucking thing. I'm towing the crevice, no gods no kings. In the cusp of Resistance. Some call it persistence, I call it the Dream. We were once horns blown from the depths of the lungs of the very body of Love itself! Lil' Momma said I could take the world for myself but I'd rather sit alone and read these books on the shelf. Trade forty cold nights for one warm day because I've been wearing worry like it was worn skin. Like the sculpture creating the sculptor. Vultures circling sepulchers got me skulking, on 10.

Autonomy anomaly, chained by psychic shackles - just a piston on an engine that's flawed the very axles. The Tower fell apart and the lightning had hit the castle, I was outside hollerin' "Justice for the vassals!" I live like I'm out of hearts, regular Smallfolk. Farmer with emaciated ox and a flawed yoke. A Zero with a Thousand Faces. Tell Joseph Campbell I was sparking my last smoke. I have faith in a Force that can not be seen but stay based in a more mortal frame. It seems to some that I'm outta my gourd. My Lord have Mercy! That's the mantra that I fight for/write for. Sometimes what life is: caught up in the vices. Redemption's priceless. My word strong like Elisha's. I show up to the gunfight knife-less, likeness to a Jacob's Ladder matter, priceless.
Track Name: Golden feat. Kogan Dumb
"I'm just out here living my life like it's Golden."

Living proof that poetry is literal. Bourbon and Coke, the joke is so critical. Syncopated seconds gone sour. Hourglass on its side. Out of place tower. These days I don't need to be verified. Beauty's in the sky, that's my new truth sterilized. Grandpops chewin' Juicy Fruit and dude's paralyzed. I told him, "Don't give up on us yet." I rock Hope like a Rosary and clutch my sunsets close. Now, how about a toast. To the albatross we like to pretend is dead when it's just dead weight?! Wait. The Sun also Rises and that's the worst kind of kindness. I've seen Faith calm tides that were violent. I'm tied to the mindset of mindless trying to decide what's fly and what's lifeless. Flesh is a time-bound mask for the timeless. It's impossible to stand when you're spineless. Hindsight is the plight of your blindness. I found sound in the silhouette of silence. Hold fast to the hope that you're holdin'. Whole past on your sleeve and it's showin'. It won't last when them oceans are rollin'. You're gonna crash til your soul goes Golden.
Track Name: The Valley of A Thousand Doubts
"I am loving you more while I'm losing you more."

We were never going nowhere. Holding each other up. Huddled in a pose hoping no one discovered us. Still hold hoe in the notes, they were thunderous. Devotion to the notion of only just showing up? I swear, baby girl, they could never take nothing from us. Couple years here and there but your Touch is a hundred summers. You were basking in it. Hold up, let me finish the sentence. See, I need a break. It's so very tasteless. How can you face love when your definition's base-less? I said your definitions base-less. We used to chase dreams, now them demons just chase us. I'm always thinking, it's like, what was the reason to fight? Another justification of the trees and the plight? And it's holding who down? I think it's holding YOU down. It's got me thinking maybe leaving was right. Come on.

I feel like I've been drinking dust all my days. Lost in the thoughts of thinking thoughts, in the haze. To the phase I once swore by and to the face I once worse, WHY COULDN'T SPACE BEND? Soul vs. Soil. Hand me downs vs. Hands that toil. Each leaf falling increased my paranoia. Count me out. I was fish hook bound to a Thousand Doubts.
Track Name: The Big Picture
"I was lost in the past and you know that that's useless."

Back to that! I thought I knew something cause I clashed with that. Man, I thought I knew something cause I smashed a track. There was poison in the pendulum and the past was that mallet I was swinging at the master craft. Self-sabotager. Blindfold shit. LaForge, no visor. In the Valley of the Shadow. Rattlesnake venom and a spliff (not for now, though). I'm burned by the ritual. Headed to the cusp when my Dundiff originals. Done ripped slits in my vision through residual. Revelations written in my cerebral umbilical. The pseudonym was sold, thirty silver, so Biblical. Sat displaced on the Altar of Haste; couple sunsets left, raise a cup to the Page. Prodigal. Peace out, I've gone to find Peace now. The presence IS the present. It's benevolence released now.

And they told me there were better days coming.
Can't you hear the trumpets sound and them violins loud?
All I see are these leaves as they're falling down.

The feeling in the air got me thinking bout. The stillness in your stare got me thinking bout. The diligence of prayer got me thinking bout. How those feelings don't compare to the freaking out. I was smart enough to guess I was blinking out. I can feel it in my chest I've been drinking now. I can see what's really best, not just decent now. I believe in what was precious, I need it now. Just a seeker on a quest. Manifest slow, manifest both with your gross manifesto. I confess, I was stressed plus depressed - lotta mess that I fix before I try to impress those people that often criticize. I can put aside reasons even decent demonstrate the better side. The man you always said could benefit was dead inside. There is life inside these lungs. On to better tides.

You could see the big picture.
Track Name: Zelda / Text Her
"I don't know what else to do."

Creekside, sittin.
Miller High Life sippin.
Dundiff ripped the MPC out the kitchen.
Rappers talking crazy like Zechariah Sitchin.
I'm saying fuck the fake improper fittin opposition.
Kill it like pull the portal plug on compunction.
Fuck shit up, double dysfunctional punch-in.
Paradigm ignite like a Bunsen.
Smoke Shop Kids always got me spittin something.
Fact Facer base factor impatient fate, fine.
Decreasin' my wait time like bulimic waist lines.
Callypso, grit slow space time killer.
Bus stop barkin at the moon but it's noon.
Always was a late service kind of fella.
I Frankenstein freedom, frequent breathing in the fumes.
Swing like a pendulum, reppin the bust back
while a basic bitch suck the feng shui out my nut sack.
I thought I saw the future in the bottom of that well.
Now I"m trippin, skippin rocks, like "what the hell?"
Track Name: The Ghosts That Tempt Us
"Power down, blind, behind enemy lines."

Program shorted out a year ago. I'm still here just adhering to a clearer code. I never guaranteed much, you ain't hear it, though. I teach a mechanized mind how to fear and loathe. Can I kinda light a candle in your ear and hope you can see through the superficial and clear the smoke? Demigods mock while their peers oppose! Never needed a guest list. Nicotine routine fiend inhaling asbestos. Collide with the past, make the moment infectious. Prophecy, grocery, holding the check-list.

After the venomous mist become the sinister twist become the bottomless pit become the vengeance. After the sentence is passed could the future at last be a future innocent and well-written. Naturally I couldn't confess it, I was probably just reckless on account of my flesh. I'm just another dude. Ghost got him stressin. Dude, mark it 8. Degradation to emotionless state. Count every cloud while the dust dissipate. Was it down for the count or the Council of Hate? Told her that's just bound to be down for debate. I thought we was in love now we struggle to relate? I said god damn, program terminate.

A beautiful vision I thought it was mutual. Thought it was sacred. Was only unusual. Novelty made it seem basically musical. Only exposed when you peel back the cuticle. This isn't freedom it's life in a cubicle. Soul settle down where the soil is suitable. Disastrous and that's hardly disputable. Black cats in my mind spectate, sittin with a sensible shine. While the sun sank to the depths of the dying we were too hard pressed to impress the Divine. Two cards pressed to a view too aligned. To depressed but the fuse still shrinks. Too infectious, too gone, think what it was. What it could have been. What I wouldn't give if it could be good again. Today I saw a woman miss the bus in the rain and in that moment I knew I was too damn small. Syncopated. Ain't in minuscule/demented/vain pretending that there's ever been a purpose in immersion in the purpose of the service of them all? Have mercy.