"i could never take what was a gift in the first place."

i can't tell the Sun from the streetlight
so the sunshine's gotta be discreet, right?
these cats see life incomplete light and be like
"in a Cold Vein i'm bringing heat to the surface."
the Mark of the Beast meet the Beast of Burden;
the feast post sermon: the frequent occurrence.
i'm just prayin', tryna illuminate.
focus is the focus.
toke and just ruminate.
no sir.
in the belly of the beast tryna make an ulcer.
in a sense only smellin' Hennessy and sulfur.
on a highway to Hades, baby
Elohim-in-space-level cold shoulder.
carried on the Clarion
whippin' the Merkavah (one plus a carry on)
"please sir, carry on."
whether in stage lights or lightning,
"hidden in plain sight" you'll find me.

i re-live the past so much it's like i wasn't there.
a spectator takin' the stairs.
raised not to take words for granted.
shout out Steve Smith, Lee, Jason, Grayson, Wes, and Grant.
it's funny how we find mentors when we gotta have em.
the numbers make sense, now who's got the sense to add em?
that Eve/Adam status got me feelin' sorta swervy.
i think it's why i stay up late and still get up early.
only time my prayin' means a thing.
Senorita's sleepin' well so my money's stayin' clean

sycophants always with the sick offense
always lean to the thrasonical, kinda cool distance.
i'm a Smoke Shop sitter; sorta comical.
between the stars and the silos, i live to chronicle.
i heard a situation can't be made permanent
but crazier shit's formed like earth out the firmament.
they say they heard me but i know they ain't heard the shit.
it's certified Pentecostal-church-Sunday-service lit.
everybody's got a motive. why lie?
nature's gettin' itemized, you gonna turn a blind eye?


from Live from Anatta, released February 24, 2017
Lyrics by Touch A.C.
Produced by Dr. Dundiff
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Frames Danco @ Framehouse
Louisville, KY



all rights reserved


Touch A.C. Louisville, Kentucky

Woke up in escape pod. Unsure of year. Must rap.

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