Non​-​Self Diagnose

from by Touch A.C.



"and i wish i was self-aware enough to self diagnose.
no space. no shelf. no home."

i turn a queen to a ho like public park chess set.
benefit Set blessed friend don't stress that
warlock loose in the streets.
they ask me, "why you don't battle no more?"
i'm independent more when i'm showin' my teeth.
the viciousessessest.
the Christian fixture fist.
mister fix ya bitch,
then flip her fiscal.
it's always head-shots when she grip the pistol.
you call her baby girl i call her dame with the frame and the skills.
if you wanna know pain note the way that you feel when you payin' her bills,
she makin' my meals.
plus, her brain so cold gimme chills.
para-doom-dise! and i gotta room for two!
something kinda nice with a hellside view
im out by 5, no 7, no 5 (true)
ill be god damned, i guess my life's like a haiku.

she called around 9 "do ya mind if i slide through?"
on the contrary, baby girl, you on my mind too!
hope you catch the vibe like the vibe that i do -
after all we're alive...need i remind you?

back to the part where i said i hate Nietzsche.
said i'm not a Nihilist; this girl ain't believe me.
how you get a glimpse? i feel no one has truly seen me.
i'm just tryna get you in the sheets followed up with TV.
flower shop wizard find me in the back room
contemplating getting Goat of Mendes for a tattoo.
ain't her last dude, ain't gonna be her last dude,
but you know how more than a friend can help distract you.
space is lookin' dope but it's so last minute.
copped my old homie's rap album - no raps in it.
i could sew that sentence with a bitter sorta thread
as if Judges 13 had been written red.
there is no permanence, it's all in my head
a comma in a paragraph, a mantra unsaid.
she said, "you think too much touch, come back to bed."
like i said, i lack a self so i go where i'm lead. yup.


from Live from Anatta, released February 24, 2017
Lyrics by Touch A.C.
Produced by Dr. Dundiff
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Frames Danco @ Framehouse
Louisville, KY



all rights reserved


Touch A.C. Louisville, Kentucky

Woke up in escape pod. Unsure of year. Must rap.

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