from by Touch A.C.



"who's to say?
or slay?
or kill?
and who's to say?
what we throw away when time stands still?"

sometimes shit got me feelin' upside down.
gotta ease my mind, take a drive on my side of town.
it's not about "fuck life", it's just a drive around.
tell the chorus in the sky, "it's time to pipe down."
i remember thinking it was all nostalgia
and payin' dues meant prayin' too.
now i'll just settle for a subsidized plan and an arrow.
shot it through the air already, straight and narrow.
it's never been me to adhere to the fences
we put around our minds in the name of defense;
and it's never been my nature to deny what my senses
indicate safe when his vein became a trench.
i wonder how many of my friends i gotta bury
before i get a grip on this world beyond barely.
- cliffhang -
- finger slippin' -
- sunset -
my dead friend's mom wept.
god bless! we all miss him.

most times it was pretty basic livin'.
matchin' to the hum of the under-story hidden.
tryin' to get in where some words in red get him.
see a thing or two before the body's bed ridden.
slow motion, it seems, or the potions and dreams that mollify
turn up beached, bloated, and nullified.
i saw something in the scowl he lost...
...i never guessed it was albatross.
(...god damn...)
it's been a little bit since i thought about the notion
of an expiration date upon of a force of pure motion.
beholdin' an corrosion of a whole consciousness
because the thing i call my conscience still kicked in?!
these days, nothin' simple. they can have it.
i'm the paint --the pallet
the nail -- the mallet.
a masochist that wanted couldn't have it.
creature of habit
what the fuck you think was gonna happen?

i don't believe that.


from Live from Anatta, released February 24, 2017
Lyrics by Touch A.C.
Produced by Dr. Dundiff
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Frames Danco @ Framehouse
Louisville, KY



all rights reserved


Touch A.C. Louisville, Kentucky

Woke up in escape pod. Unsure of year. Must rap.

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